Why Esquel Diamonds

Why Shop For Esquel Diamonds

  1. Save Money – With our lows overhead and competitive pricing, we know that you will save money with your purchase from Esquel Eco-friendly diamonds. Our prices hundreds and even thousands less than what you will find at traditional jewellery store and we try hard to beat our online competition as well. With our online store, there is no retail store overheads. We simply do not charge as much as others for our stones and jewelry, and those saving ends up in your pocket.
  2. Exceptional Top Quality – We use the finest metal and the finest man made diamonds for all our jewelry. Each ring / earring / pendant setting is cast, crafted, set and polished by experience craftsman who take great pride in their work. Our seeting are soild 14k or 18k gold, platinum or palladium – and never simply plated. Expectional quality goes into every one of our settings.                                                                                              
  3.  Ethical Sourcing –  At Esquel diamond alternative, all rings are designed, manufactured and hand crafted to a superb finish righ her in Singapore. Each design is custom made in Singapore or Hong Kong to our exacting specification using skilled craftsmen and with latest technology machine which produce quality workmanship. We do not mass produce our jewelry, Our stones meet the highest environmental and ethical standards. They are 100% conflict-free, Quality comes first with Esquel diamond alternative.                                                                                                                                              
  4.  Free Delivery – We Offer free ground on all Singapore Orders. Does not apply to repairs or warranty replacements.
  5.  Huge selection – We have hundred of different shapes and cuts, that you can choose from our online store, be mesmerize by our cuts and shapes.
  6.  An Identical Diamond – Because of the identical mineral make-up of lab created gemstone, only a trained professional can tell the different between a natural stone and a diamond alternative generated one.  Using a finely honed process that simulates the high and heat found deep below the earth’s surface, gem creators  are able to replicate the natural method that form below the earth’s surface, gem creators are able to replicated the natural method that forms gemstones. Scientists are able to duplicate the chemical qualities and appearances of nearly any gemstone in their labs, including diamonds, emerald, sapphires, and rubies. These synthetic stones are visibly identical to the natural version in color, hardness, composition, and luster, making it extremely difficult for the average person to tell the difference between the two forms. The main difference in these synthetic and diamond alternative stones is that they are nearly flawless in appearance. Most naturally occurring gems have internal flaws, called inclusion, which change the reflection of the light from the gems. Naturally occurring gemstones develop inclusion from the crystallization process that involves gases and other minerals mixing in during the molten stage of the stone creation, because lab-created gemstones do not have gases added in the same way that nature does, inclusion do not have a chance to form in synthetic stones. Typically, these inclusion are what affect the value of the gem, but the diamond alternative stones do not have inclusion . This makes the quality of the stone higher.
  7.  Quality Stones – At Esquel Eco-friendly diamonds we want the stone that you purchase to be the one that she will love for a lifetime. The pure brilliant 10 Hearts and Arrows cuts of our diamonds stimulants imitates the clarity, brilliance and perfection of the world’s greatest  diamond cut.
  8. Easy & Convenient – Browse our online website at your convenience, when you want, where you want. Order your diamond jewelry online and within weeks you will be able to enjoy your jewelry. It doesn’t get any easier that that !
  9. Lifetime Warranty – We stand behind our Esquel diamonds with a lifetime warranty on each stones. The warranty only covers the replacement of any genuine Esquel diamonds that has optically altered in brilliance and luster under normal wear.
  10. Trust – At Alpha Esquel Eco-friendly simulated diamonds that we care about your purchase and will do everything we can to ensure your purchase a quality piece of gemstone that you will be proud to own and wear for a lifetime. This is a commitment that drives our stuff and our Company. We understand how special the purchase of an engagement or anniversary ring is. Esquel diamond alternative ensures you of exemplary business ethics an commitment to fair, open and honest business dealings.