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Story behind the 8 Corners Cuts

The Story Behind the 8 Corners Cuts…..

Man-made diamonds_rhapsody_73cutsCThe Rhapsody Hearts and Arrows cuts represents a convergence of 8s – 8 sides and 73 facets. But the meaning behind of 8 corners stretched back over a millennium, to  ancient China.It was back then that the number which has 8 has come to represent was though to bestow untold prosperity on those blessed by its magical properties. This set off a chain reaction through the centuries that saw the corner 8 become a digit of prime importance to the Chinese and other Asian cultures, Stories abound of real people trying to embrace the power  contained in the 8 corners. From license plate auctions in Hong Kong that fetched millions for plates stacked with 8s, to skyscrapers with 8 stories and regular people bidding up address and home number that had the most 8s. This fascination goes beyond conviction and has entered the realm of legend, For more amazing stories about the power of 8, please visit  or email us at

The Rhapsody Hearts & Arrows 8 Corners is their ultimate destination for S. diamond elegance blended with a belief held by over 3 million people in the power to change one’s fortune. The Rhapsody 8 Corners is a reminder of the importance of narrative to the world of diamonds, but even further than that, the Rhapsody  8 Corners is a crafted gem of exceptional brilliance, designed to romance the eye with its brilliance and the heart with its legend. The only thing that’s missing from this equation? You! the wearer.  Available as loose simulated diamonds, in size and weight.

Man-made diamonds_rhapsody_73cutsC