Trapezoid Cut


The ultimate alternative to natural diamonds for a fraction of the price.


Lets compare graded natural diamond Tapezoid cut size : (5.5x3x2mm/approx 070ct)  VS1 clarity selling at ( US$778, sold as a pair ) onward.  As for our “Esquel Simulated diamonds” Tapezoid cut top quality for only US$328 a pair

Please note that all of our Man-made Diamonds are Equal in Size to Natural Diamonds



The trapezoid cut diamond is a four sided shaped with the top and bottom sides parallel and the other sides slanting inward. The outline looks like a triangle with one of the ends cut off. These Simulated diamonds Trapezoid step cut has been cut for full brilliance with a Very Good Symmetry, Polish Finish. They are usually seen next to emerald or Asscher cut center stones. The rectangular emerald shape is ideal for step-cut trapezoid diamonds because it is long enough to accommodate a nice sized side stone between its cut corners.

Therefore many diamond ring shoppers are finding the trapezoid cut diamonds makes a great alternative to the trillion or baguettes that are often seen in jewelry store rings. The bigger surface area of the trapezoid adds more sparkle on the finger than the baguette. Many diamond ring buyers find the more sophisticated style of the trapezoid not only looks classy but makes for a more comfortable side stone than the trillion.

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5.5x3x2mm, 6.5x3x2mm, 6.5×3.3×2.4mm, 7.5×3.8×2.5mm, 8.5×4.3x3mm


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