1.56ct. Sphene – Color Change


Sphene is a rare collector stone with an unusually high refractive index and a hardness of 5 -5.5. Because of it’s high dispersion and refractive index, a well cut Sphene can display stunning brilliance.

Code : 10-5643U

Products :  Color Change Natural Sphene

Weight :  1.56 carat.

Size :  5.79 x 6.90 x 4.79mm  

Color :  Orange/yellow

Clarity : Excellent luster / VS

Treatment :  Natural

Origin : Spain

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Highly prized by collectors and formerly far too scarce to be supplied commercially to the international market. The Sphene is an  absolutely mesmerizing gemstone in its own right. Hosting a vivid array of tones and saturation that range through a lush variety of stunning greens, velvety honey yellow, radiant amber and thick, crimson brown, this magnificent little gemstone radiates a lulling warmth of subtle color that are sure to please the eyes.

Owing to the fact that it is generally quite soft and delicate, like the Opal, the Sphene has often been reserved for use in jewelry pieces like earrings or pendants, however, it has also been widely considered by cutters around the world and jewellers alike as a splendid gem to work with that nearly always produces tantalizing results.

This breathtaking gem is sure to cause a splash at any social event and it sure to make its wearer the ency of all those around them.



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