Renaissance – 66


The ultimate alternative to natural diamonds for a fraction of the price.

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Cut exclusively for Esquel, our Signature Renaissance. The finest simulated diamond.

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We invite you to see for yourself why smart buyers made Esquel’s Simulted diamonds their natural choice.The ultimate alternative to natural diamonds for a fraction of the price!

Please note that all of our Man-made Diamonds are Equal in Size to Natural Diamonds.

Description  : Simulated Diamond

Shape :  Renaissance – 66

Color  : D – Colorless

Clarity  : Flawless

Polish  : Excellent

Symmetry  : Excellent

Fluorescent  : None




Cut exclusively for Esquel….Our Signature Renaissance.

The finest simulated diamond rough of exceptional quality can meet the exact specifications to become the most enchanting beauty of a Renaissance Simulated Cut Diamond. There are 66 facets in this cuts to achieve the stunning display of brilliant and scintillation, that far exceeds other diamonds. The master diamond craftsmen spends extra time to cut these facets to capture more fire within the stone. This cut is inspired by the world’s finest architectural structures . Make a bold statement. Choose  ESQUEL Renaissance Simulated diamond…….So Be MEMORIZED By Esquel Collections…. Their Shapes & Cuts!


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5.00mm/.50ct, 6.50mm/1.00ct, 7.00mm/1.28ct, 8.00mm/2.00ct, 9.00mm/2.75ct, 10.00mm/3.50ct


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