Noreena Jasper


*Code: AG004385

*Dimension 46 x 39 x 6 mm
*Weight 70 carat
*Shape Designer Shape
They are pre-drilled and ready to be made into jewelry.



Noreena Jasper is a silicified pelite (mudstone) and is believed to be 2765-2687 million years old. The rock tends to break into angular pieces which contain the most wonderful “geometric”, abstract designs. Until the rock is cut, you do not know what will be revealed.

Healing Properties  : Noreena Jasper is conceived to be a jewel boulder that helps its carrier to dilute the stressful feelings also to the stress. It is recognized and celebrated to reconnect its carrier energies with that of the grounding energies of the earth. The cleansing superiority of this Noreena Jasper helps its carrier to wipe out the negativity from the surrounding aura.


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