Inferno 10 – Hearts & Arrows


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of our simulated man -made  Diamonds  are Equal in Size to Natural Diamonds.

Description  : Simulated Diamond

Shape :  Inferno 10 – Hearts & Arrows

Color  : D – Colorless

Clarity  : Flawless

Polish  : Excellent

Symmetry  : Excellent

Fluorescent  : None




We’re Gone Beyond PERFECTION !

Beyond Excellence – Inferno -10 Hearts & Arrow – Premier Man-made Diamonds

We have gone beyond Excellence with the Esquel eco-friendly Inferno 10  H&A cut, Simulated diamonds is unmatched in precision, beauty and cutting brilliance than any other cut existence. Inferno 10 H&A features an incredible perfect pattern of 10 symmetrical hearts and 10 symmetrical arrows. This cutting-edge advancement pushes the boundaries to the current H&A cut featuring 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows.

This rare and difficult cut is only mastered by a hand full of diamond cutters in the world. The precise and meticulous cutting process ensures premium light performance and spectacular fire under any lighting condition.

The Inferno 10 H&A cutting process allows for greater precision in creating the 91 facet stone that has 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows, revealed when every single facet is precisely crafted and aligned. To keep the Inferno 10′s  H&A cut effect, all 10 facets must be of EXACTLY the same size. It’s excellent cut resulting in a brilliance fire that surpasses a traditional 58 facet H&A cut diamond.

The ultimate alternative to natural diamonds for a fraction of the price!

Please note that all of our simulated man -made  Diamonds  are Equal in Size to Natural Diamonds.


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6.00mm, 7.00mm, 8.00mm, 9.00mm, 10.00mm


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