Golden Tiger Eye -084412



Golden Tiger Eye – 02-84412

Dimension 16 x 33 x 5 mm

Shape Teardrop

Locality South Africa

Appearance opaque to semi-transparent

Color Golden yellow

Source Natural

No Drill

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Golden Tiger Eye stones are mesmerizing. Also known as Brown Tiger Eye, they are cut and polished into a teardrop shape with an indentation on one side and are really of high quality. Carrying one of these beautiful stones in your pocket may help you to deal with issues involving control, will, power, and or concentration.

Golden Tiger Eye are known as a stone of protection, especially  for travelers, Tiger Eye brings good luck and prosperity to the user. It can also help one see clearly without illusion.

Tiger’s Eye also comes in blue and red.

Please Note, that healing crystal meanings are spiritual support to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.


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