Baguette Cut


The ultimate alternative to natural diamonds for a fraction of the price.

Lets compare graded natural diamond baguette cut size : (3.5 x 2.5mm/0.15ct)  VS1 clarity selling at US275 each, with our “Esquel Simulated diamonds” baguette cut top quality for only US$32.00 only.

Please note that all of our Man-made Diamonds are Equal in Size to Natural Diamonds



Baguette Cut Simulated Diamond is a form of step cutting and is rectangular in shape. The Baguette may be have a longer rectangular shape or one that is more like an emerald cut in proportions. As a main stone the proportions should be more rectangular in shape. The Baguette cut diamond is for people who want a long stone and baguette cut diamonds are quite frequently used as shoulder stones to enhance a larger center stone. Baguette cut diamonds have straight sides and four sharp corners and the facets on the pavilion are step cut giving the Baguette cut diamond a striking appearance.

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4x2mm, 3.5×2.5mm, 4x2mm, 4.5x3mm, 5×2.5mm, 5x3mm, 6x4mm


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