African Jade Pendant – AB017242



African Jade : AB017242

Dimension 39x35x8 mm

Weight 70 carat

Shape Triangle

Locality South Africa

Appearance opaque to semi-transparent to transparent

Color  green

They are pre-drilled and ready to be made into jewelry.


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Healing Properties:  African Jade has a strengthening and calming effect on the heart with respect to blood pressure and pulse.  This stone is believed to help alleviate excitement and nervousness in the body, which can have a direct effect on the heart especially under stressful conditions.  This stone is said to help offer protection against nosebleeds and stroke.  African Jade is also said to speed the clotting process and therefore is useful for speeding recovery with bruises and hematomas.  It is also believed to aid in the healing and diminishing of scars.



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