50.10ct. Wirewrap Amethyst Pendant


This pendant measure approx: length 40cm, width 25cm. All wires are safely tucked away or swirled so that there are no snags or scratches as you can see in the photo.

Please note that the photo in the listing is the item you will receive. This is a one of a kind item and the only one available.

All “Uniquely Yours” jewelry come in an attractive gift box.

A great item to keep or giveaway… The choice is yours.

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Pretty mid purple Amethyst crystal pendant.

This is a small piece of  Amethyst quartz crystal, perfectly imperfect and beautiful with its own unique features and flaws. It was carefully and securely wrapped in pro quality non tarnish color wires.

Amethyst is a purple ray crystal and is believed to be a multi purpose stone and have several healing benefits. It protects against drunkenness, provides calm, balance, patience and peace. It can increase spirituality, enhance intuition and psychic gifts. Excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming.




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