5.51ct. Bi-Color Ametrine


CODE: 18-90U

PRODUCT :  Ametrine

WEIGHT (ct) : 5.51 carat

SIZE (mm) :12.5 x 10.5 x 6.5 mm


TREATMENT : Unheated

ORIGIN : Bolivia

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Do you love both the purple of Amethyst and the sunny gold of Citrine? Sometimes Amethyst and Citrine colors are found in the same crystal of quartz. These bicolor yellow and purple quartz gemstones are called Ametrine.

With Ametrine, you can have both gem colors for the price of one! Ametrine is unique and rare  when you consider that it comes from only one mine in the world, and that is in Bolivia

Ametrine can also be cut to blend the two colors so that the resulting stone is a mix of yellow, purple, and peach tones throughout the stone. It is also a very durable gemstone suited for a variety of jewelry uses. Most sizes and shapes are available but the color contrast is most pronounced in sizes over seven carats.

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