4.20ct. Blood Red Ruby


This is a natural top blood red ruby with antique cut. It is ready to be set into a fine piece of customize jewelry. It has great color.

Code:  07-1469

Weight: 4.20 cts

Size:  9 x 8 x 8.5mm / cushion cut

Color:  Top Blood Red Ruby

Clarity: S1

Origin: Madagascar

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Since ancient times Ruby is know as Ratna Raj in sanskrit meaning King of Gems. Ruby hold a lot of importance in the world of gemstones. Red is the color of love, anger and passion.

It is believed to be an object of power. Ruby is said to promote creatively, spirituality, prosperity, and wisdom to the wearer of this royal gemstone. Ruby helps and improves circulation of blood, remove toxins from the blood and the entire body. Treats fevers as well as infectious disease. It is said to be extremely beneficial for the heart and circulatory system as it increases blood flow, stimulating the adrenals, kidneys, spleen and reproductive organs.


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