3.40ct. Round Sphene


This is a beautiful round  natural Yellowish green with rainbow spark Sphene, with a weight of 3.40 carats. The stone has a golden hue, and is very brilliant, with fiery rainbow glints reflecting off the facets.

Code :  33-8872U

Products :  Color Change Sphene

Weight :  3.40 carat

Size :  9.05 x 6.68 mm  

Color :  Orange Brown

Clarity : Excellent luster / VVS

Treatment :  Natural

Origin : Russia

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Sphene is a very rare brilliant yellowish-green, green, orange or brown gemstone with high lustre. The name “sphene” comes from the Greek word. “sphen” meaning “wedge” Due to its strong dispersion, when brilliant-cut, sphene can exhibit a fire similar to that of diamond.

Sphene is said to be a calming and soothing stone that protects its wearer from negative energy. Additionally, sphene is thought to aid clear thinking and creativity.

Sphene is best used fro earrings and pendants, which would not be at risk of damage as much as rings or bracelets.


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