23.30ct. Black Onxy


*Dimension 33 x 18 x 4 mm
*Weight 23.30ct.
*Shape Designer Shape

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Black Onyx meaning is Self control, decision making, intuition, protection. It is widely believed that black onyx can change your habits are erratic, either when used with faith. It is about as one powerful protection stone as it absorbs negative energy of people to release mental stress and promote emotional well-being.

Black Onyx stone meaning believed to have effects, among others;

  1. Stones are recommended for kidney and liver disease.
  2. Black onyx stone is able to change the bad habits of the wearer.
  3. Making good at speaking users.
  4. Reduce stress and give you a good night’s sleep.
  5. To reduce a sense of love and lust overload.
  6. Assist or accelerate the growth of skin, nails and hair.
  7. Repel negative air, improving intelligence and spiritual inspiration.


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