Precious Metals Guide

Precious Metals Guide

Versatile, beautiful, treasured, immortal. A classy choice for any style of jewelry. Take a closer look at the qualities of gold and the 3 color options: white, yellow and pink/rose.

Platinum Education

Precious, elegant, durable, rich. Platinum is an extremely rare precious metal, much rarer than gold. Learn about the qualities that make platinum a perfect choice for jewelry settings.

Silver Education

Fashionable, light, cool, young. Silver has a long history and is ideal for jewelry. Learn about silver purity and the meaning of the common term: sterling silver.


Funny name, simple use. Rhodium is a special finish which gives white gold added shine and a whiter color. Learn more about this rare & expensive material that is totally hypoallergenic.

Metal Care

Certain metals require more care than others. We share insider tips on how to clean and store your jewelry. Your complete guide to maintaining the shine and brilliance of these precious metals.