Frequently Asked Questions

Are Esquel Eco-friendly Simulated Diamonds synthetic or simulated diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds are created to the exact chemical makeup of a diamond and are sold only by Gemesis, Apollo, Chatham and D Nea Diamond, are usually cost slightly less than a mined diamond. All other lab created, fake, man made, imitation diamonds are simulated – the look alike are exactly the same, but have significantly different chemical properties.  Eco-friendly Man-made diamonds are simulated diamonds.

How do Esquel eco-friendly Diamonds compare to diamonds in hardness?

Esquel eco-friendly Diamond stones have an excellent hardness, similar to many other precious stones such as sapphire, topaz and ruby. Esquel eco-friendly Diamonds stones are cut the exact proportions and standard demanded by the diamond industry. The Global Gemological Laboratory (GGL) confirms that our Esquel Eco-Friendly Diamonds stones compare so closely to the characteristics of a diamond, they are considered to be the finest cut diamond alternative in the market.

Esquel Simulated Diamonds vs other man-made diamonds?

We agree that many diamond simulants on the market are of very poor quality mainly do to the following inferior production techniques:

1. Poor selection of rough, meaning that low grade raw material is used in a non-sterile environment. This results in poor clarity rough crystals that result in low color grades and poor clarity stones. Our stones are produced in an ultra clean environment in the finest European lab, using ultra refined raw materials.

2. Inferior cutting techniques yielding less than perfect stone proportions. The produces a stone that does not refract and reflect light in an ideal way. Our stones are cut the same standards of diamonds. In fact, our stones are truly a cut above the rest. They are the first in the world to faithfully adhere to the Gemological Institutes of America’s comprehensive set of standards for grading diamond cut quality. The GIA’s test methods, including sophisticated computer modelling, confirm that the level of brilliant in our simulated diamonds cut equals that of the highest quality diamond, placing the new cut in a class of its own.

Will Esquel Diamonds stones change color or go cloudy?

All our stones are guaranteed for life against fading or discolor internally.

Will other people believe your Esquel Diamonds is mined diamond?

We believe they will. We have heard many stories from our customers about showing their rings to another jeweler who was impressed with the quality of their “diamond”. And we have many jewelers who recommend our diamond alternative to their customers.

What about retail stores? How do your rings compare?

The difference between retail store settings and our Esquel eco-friendly Diamonds settings is comparable. The majority of imitation jewelry in the market is of inferior quality, poor cut, sterling silver or “gold” plated, and have an obvious fake appearance. Our settings are of the finest quality and solid platinum, gold or palladium. We encourage you to visit our product education page on our metal and our stones for further and detailed information.

Will anyone see the difference between our Diamonds stone and the natural diamond?

No one will be able to tell the difference with the naked eye. Only a professional diamond jeweler looking at it under a microscope will be able to distinguish our lab created stones from mined diamonds. Over one hundred years ago, people purchased only natural pearls. Today cultured pearls are extremely popular and the same situation has occurred with man made stones. Therefore, the result is that the Esquel Diamond truly mimics the light play, luster and beauty of a natural diamond but at man-made price.

I want to get my girlfriend an engagement ring but I don’t have the funds to buy an expensive diamond ring. I want it to be a ring she will always have and upgrade to a diamond later. Can I do this with Esquel Diamonds?

This is precisely why Esquel diamonds was created. With today’s uncertain economy, now is not the time to go into debt for a luxury purchase. When young couples are just starting out, most do not have the money to spend on mined diamonds, but still want something of high quality and beauty. This is where our stones comes in. You can purchase the exact quality of setting from any jewelry store or boutique and have a diamond-cut alternative stone. Don’t worry!! You have the rest of your married life to add a mined diamond to her. Esquel setting, should you chose to do so. However, many people keep their Esquel Diamonds stone due to environmental and ethical reasons and never feel the need to upgrade to a mined diamond.

Here are some helpful tips?

1. Don’t start in debt now. Save money without sacrificing style and quality.

2. Have a conversation with your future fiance about ring expectations. Your finances will very soon be both of your finances. In other words, money he is spending towards a ring could go towards a wedding, a new house, a vacation, paying off credit card debt from either or both spouses. Every financial advisor will tell you to never go into debt for a natural diamond wedding ring, since they are poor investment and have little resale value.

3. Realize you can always upgrade the stone later. This way, you can get a bigger stone now in a top-notch setting that never needs to be upgraded or replaced.

4. Take into consideration the other costs when entering into marriage. The more disposable income when first starting a marriage, the better.

How do I know the correct size of ring to purchase?

You can order a free ring sizer from us. Alternatively, you can go to your local jeweler and have your finger sized there. For the men out there that want to do this secretly, just ask one of her best friends or her sister if they know her size. It is a commonly discussed topic if you are starting to get serious.

What is your lifetime guarantee?

Trust, Integrity, an Value are at the heart of Esquel eco-friendly Diamonds are our products. For your peace of mind, we provide a worry-free, lifetime warranty  for your beautiful stone. Esquel Diamonds are guaranteed to retain their flawless beauty forever. This lifetime guarantee is our promise to you that your stones will be replaced for discoloration or loss of brilliance under normal wear. Esquel Diamonds will gladly repair or replace your stone at no charge. Esquel DO NOT guarantee if your stone should chip or break, or any defect done by your craftsmen.

Where are your setting made? Are they similar to all find jewelry store setting? 

Alpha Esquel Diamonds purchases all our settings from Singapore, Hong Kong, US. We are proud to say our settings are identical in quality and style to that of most jewelry stores or specialty boutique you visit. In fact, many of our settings will be exactly the same settings as you would find in any jewelry store. Why? Because approximately 65% of jewelery stores in Singapore buy their settings from the same industry-wide manufacture. We just keep the prices down and pass along the savings to our customers.

How long will it take to get my order? 

We manufacture every piece of jewelry we sell one at a time to ensure the finest quality control in the industry. Manufacturing time varies between seven and 14days depending upon the degree of difficulty in making your item. We do stock some of our more popular items, which can significantly reduce the shipping time

 What payment types do you accept?

At Alpha Esquel-Diamonds only accept Paypal payment