Chart By Carat

Measuring Esquel Simulated loose stones size comparison to diamonds.

Whether you’re shopping for finished jewelry set with our simulated diamonds , it’s important to know how these stones are actually measured.

When comparing natural diamond and man-made diamonds, you first must understand that the weight of a diamond is different from the weight of a simulated diamond because of difference in density.

So how dies a 1 carat diamond compare to a Esquel Simulated diamond. To account for the weight difference and to make life a little easier, Alpha Esquel Simulated diamonds are measured in millimeters which reference the same dimensions as a natural diamond carat equivalent. We take the dimensions of an absolutely perfect diamond, measure its height and width, and voila – that’s the dimension we use for an equivalent of our simulated diamonds…. For example, a perfect Round cuts, one carat natural diamond is comparable to a 6.5mm Round Heart & Arrows cuts Simulated diamonds. In other words, a 1 carat round Hearts & Arrows cuts simulated diamond equivalent is 6.5mm.

Alpha Esquel_carat and mm_787