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Sugilite…Clearing Unhealthy Engergies

The Metaphysical Gemstone Properties of Sugilite.

Sugilite may assist one in remembering the reasons for being in the physical body, for living in this chosen physical destiny. Sugilite helps one in the understanding of negative circumstance by showing one what is happening, and how the experience is out of balance, as well as allowing the energy  to bring it back into balance.

Sugilite clears your body and aura of the unwanted energies that interfere  with health and healing. In the course of living, your physical and subtle bodies naturally accumulate clouds of useless energies and clears the path for more life force to heal and vitalize you. In this way, it can support the healing of virtually and illness. Wearing Sugilite can also ease pain, alleviate stress, and dispel the energies of environmental toxins. The unique light that emanates from Sugilite also fills you with a sense of calm, relaxation, and peace.

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